How to Travel Without Harming the Environment

Lots of people nowadays are more aware of their environment and want to live more eco-friendly lives. However, it’s a bit challenging to put it into action, especially when you travel.
Here are ten useful tips to help you stay track on your journey to an eco-friendlier way of traveling.

  1. Refuse plastic
    Sure, you want a souvenir from your memorable holiday, but make certain that it’s not something that would outlive you for centuries. Like plastic bags, for example, which take 500 years to decompose. See to it that you bring reusable bags when you go out and shop at local markets or souvenir stores.
  2. Don’t overpack
    Everything you pack in your luggage counts when you fly. So only bring the essentials. Not only will it be more convenient for you, but it will also help lessen carbon emissions from your plane.
  3. Use public transport
    Choosing the local public transport to explore your destination is one way of showing your awareness and concern for the environment. When you ride public transport, it means reduced carbon emissions from one private car. The experience will also allow you to connect more to locals and other travelers.
  4. Travel by land
    Traveling overland may take longer than flying, but it helps you reduce carbon footprint and gives you better views of the countryside.
  5. Drink and Eat Local
    Drinking locally-made concoctions and eating local delicacies are must-dos, especially when traveling to a place with a culture different from yours. Do it not only for the experience but also to reduce beer mileage, which means lesser carbon emission.
  6. Pretend you’re not in a hotel
    Try to act like you’re in your own home when you are in a hotel. The chances are high that you will avoid using too many towels and spend less time in the shower. You will also remember to turn off all the lights and electronic appliances whenever you head outside.
  7. Choose healthier activities
    You cannot entirely avoid carbon emissions when you travel. The key is to plan your activities and itineraries based on their amount of carbon emissions so you become more aware of your actions when traveling.
  8. Bring your bottles
    When traveling, make sure to bring reusable bottles that you can take anywhere to avoid purchasing plastic water bottles every time you are out exploring.
  9. Stay on Track
    During hiking trips, stay on the trails to prevent unnecessary animal encounters. Staying on the path will also lessen the likelihood of disturbing an ecosystem.
  10. Go small
    The fewer you are in your tour group, the lesser impact you have on the environment. So before you book for a group tour, ask the operator about the size of your group. While you’re at it, try asking if they have activities that give back to the community where you are going.
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