10 things to know before you arrive in Dubai

Dubai is an amazing trip spot because of its diversity, sight-seeing spots, skyscrapers, and more. If you are planning your trip to Dubai however, you will need to consider the following points prior.

1. Visiting Time

Dubai is an extremely hot place; therefore, you cannot travel here all around the year. To have the best out of your trip, we recommend you plan your trip around April or October.

2. Flight Schedule and timing

It is important that you start looking for flight schedules for Dubai around six months before your arrival. Because Dubai is an iconic tourist destination, the flights are always booked so booking tickets prior will save you from a lot of trouble in the long run.

3. Hotel Bookings

Just like flight bookings and time-checking, hotel booking is also an essential step. As Dubai offers a diverse range of hotels, prior booking is the best way to go.

4. Islamic Months

Dubai is an Islamic city; therefore, the schedule of different places to visit changes with respect to the months. In the month of Ramadan, almost all the daily activities are non-existent. Similarly in the Islamic month of Muharram, there are no festivals, shows, etc.

5. Dress Code

Dubai has a strict dress code policy so make sure that you do not pack anything revealing or flashy.

6. Picture Sensitive Area

Dubai has very picturesque scenery, therefore, pictures are a must. But taking pictures and video recording is not all allowed in all places.

7. Tipping in Restaurants

Although it will not be expected from you to tip, it is a general practice.

8. Getting Around Details

Dubai offers several places to visit during daytime as well as nighttime. Also, there are visiting spots all around the city. To see the areas easily, having the know-how of commuting and moving around is essential.

9. Alcohol Consumption

Although alcohol is legal in Dubai, you can’t have it in all the places.

10. Public Display of Affection Restrictions

Public display of affection is illegal in Dubai and can result in imprisonment and fines.

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